Monday, November 4, 2019

Sophie's First BarkBox

Being the obsessed parents we are, Tim and I decided to order BarkBox for Sophie! 

We had heard from friends that their dogs absolutely loved BarkBox and when we visited them Sophie enjoyed carrying around all the plush toys they had amassed from the many years they've been receiving the subscription service.  I think I was more excited for this box than any subscription box I've ever received! I told Tim that he was not to open it if I wasn't there and I'm so glad he listened. 

Sophie was very interested in the box from the minute I put it on the floor. I had been told that all dogs know when their package arrives so they must spray it with something over at BarkBox!

How cute is that little face?! Waiting so patiently for us to open her box.

Sophie couldn't contain herself once the box was open, she immediately started pulling out toys!

This month the theme was Frankentoys. Sophie received several monster pieces that can be put together or played with separately. Sophie has loved them and the sounds they make. Between the crinkling sounds and the squeaks she has been having the best time running around with them.

You can see some of the pieces here. We have kept them apart because it's just more toys to play with!

Here she is again, moving too quickly for the camera but another view of her new toys.

In addition to toys she received two bags of treats and a chew! The chew was gone in minutes, so she clearly enjoyed it. She has also loved the bags of treats, we are still working our way through those. One it small peanut butter treats and the other is salmon and kale.

Overall this BarkBox was amazing and we will definitely be continuing with our subscription!

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