Monday, December 30, 2019

Life Lately: Christmas Celebrations

Hey everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family, or a wonderful holiday celebrating whatever you celebrate! Or just a fantastic week off from the blog :)

Today I want to share our Christmas celebrations which pretty much involves just pictures of Sophie being adorable.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with my family last Sunday and Sophie was so excited to head to Nanas house to celebrate.

These jammies didn't last too long because she reallllly hated them! We did make a grand entrance into my moms house with them on and then promptly took them off. But how cute are they?!

My Uncle Dave and his girlfriend Liz gave this adorable bunny to Sophie and she is still obsessed with it! She ran around with it like crazy on Christmas Eve and it has been her go to since!

Clearly Christmas is exhausting for her. 

On Christmas Eve we headed to Tim's family but decided to leave Sophie behind because there were so many people.

I wanted her to get some use out of the bandana I bought for her Santa pictures. She looks pretty stylish huh?

Christmas morning started off quiet at home with just the three of us.

The first thing we did was have Sophie open up her stocking. We gave her a few toys and treats and she loved checking out what was inside.

Clearly something smelled good...look at her licking her lips!

She found the good stuff!

After we let her open and then we exchanged with each other, we headed to my parents house for more gifts and Christmas lunch.

Sophie met her cousin Kai for the first time!

They got along so well. Kai wasn't too much bigger than Sophie, she's growing too fast. They ran around together a little bit. Kai is used to being around other dogs and it showed because he was so relaxed with her which made her very relaxed.

Cousin kisses!

The boys and their pups!

Our family picture :)

Christmas is completely exhausting!

We had Christmas Day Dinner with Tim's family and Sophie went to hang out with her cousin Attie. She did really well with Attie too! Here they are under the kitchen table.

It was a wonderful few days spent with family and our girl was exhausted by the end of it!

How was your holiday?

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