Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Our Simple Christmas Decor 2019

Good morning! Today we are talking about our simple Christmas decor for 2019! Since adding Sophie our golden doodle puppy to the family this fall we've had to be very careful what we leave out. I want to keep our decor fairly simple because I have to corral it on our counter when we leave her home alone so it doesn't get destroyed. She is very interested in everything as puppies always are! 

Let's start outside...

The former owners left a garden flag and stand so I thought I would buy flags as an easy way to decorate outdoors for the holidays. I love this little truck with the Christmas tree in the back. I purchased this right on Amazon and it was only $10. There are a ton of different garden flags on Amazon so if you are looking for an easy way to decorate outside this is it! 

This pre-lit garland was also purchased on Amazon and was $25 each. I purchased a few of these and although they don't look the most natural during the day I really like how it looks at night.

I pulled out our decorative pillows. The two bigger ones I believe are from HomeGoods and the small teal one was in the dollar bins at Target a few years back.

This table has been pretty much empty with Sophie around but she doesn't seem to bother this Keep Calm and Wait for Santa sign. 

This little tree came from Target last year in after Christmas sales. 

Here is the start of our garland, you'll see the finished product in a moment.

Here's my Harry Potter POP advent calendar that Brittni gave me as a Christmas gift this year! Follow along on Instagram (balancingonmytoes) to see what's behind each door!

I decorated this plug in garland from Walmart with picks and poinsettias from Walmart. Next year I will put a battery operated garland up there. 

This side has one of the battery operated garlands from Amazon that I shared earlier.

Our tree is set up in our extremely messy office! We can't trust Sophie with it while we aren't home. I ordered this on Michaels when trees were majorly discounted! I had to fluff the branches up a bit but it's a really well made tree and I love how it looks!

Just a good girl and her first Christmas tree!

These little bottle brush trees came from Walmart this year and they are something small that I think look great on our ledge between the kitchen and living room. 

Here are pictures of our completed garland!

I added a garland around the window to block the cord a little bit and I think it turned out very festive.

It's so fun to decorate a new house, but I am ready to come up with even more ideas next year when we can have a bit more out! ( I hope)

Tell me about and show me your Christmas decorations! I want to know what you are doing to decorate your house.

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