Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Decor Updates

Good morning and Happy New Year! I can't believe we are in 2020!! 

Today I want to share two little decor updates with you guys. On Sunday I took down Christmas and I'm slowly working on finishing decorating the house. 

We had our neighbors pop over to say hi on Sunday and they said they wanted to wait to introduce themselves until we had settled in and I kept thinking OMG I am not settled in. We have SO much left to do, there are a million things I need to do in this house. I know the house will never be "done" but I wanted to make a little dent in my to-do list (which I will share with you soon).

One of the things I decided to do was hang this sign over our side door. My mom bought this for us this Christmas and I really wanted to hang it up right away. I knew if I didn't it would end up in the office with all the other wall hangings we haven't done anything with yet. 

Ignore the chair that is still in this picture. Short people like me have to stand on chairs to hang up everything.  If you can see the little hole at the top I did originally have it hanging a little higher but I didn't like the height so I redid it. This is what happens when Tim doesn't do it for me :)

I think this little section of the house can be considered done now. I love my Magnolia Home wreath, my Home RI sign, and my Charlestown sign all in this back corner. One corner down, all the other corners to go.

Another new addition is this rug I recently purchased from Wayfair.

We finally have a rug in our living room, yay! Sophie is thrilled to have a soft floor to lay on besides her bed. I think we may replace our coffee table for something smaller. I love this table but I think the room would look so much better with a smaller table here.

What do you guys think? I'm also thinking maybe a white table would be nice. It might look better than the dark wood. We also need to remove Sophie's old bed which is only being used as a toy bin right now.

Here you can get a better look at the pattern. I love how it looks light and subtle and fits perfectly in our living room. Now I just need to find rugs for our bedroom, the guest room, the office, and two small ones for inside the front and side doors. 

Like I said, I have a long to do list! :)

Have a great day!

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