Wednesday, January 29, 2020

January Barkbox and Sophies Half Birthday!

Today we are talking about Sophie's January Barkbox and also her Half Birthday!

Sophie's Barkbox arrived last week and she is always obsessed with the contents!

How cute is she when it arrives?! What a little sweetheart.

We always get so much use out of the toys and she is obsessed with all the treats.

This box had a snowman which broke apart into three pieces. There is the body, the head (which holds treats) and the stick arms that can also be removed and make a great fetch toy.

I was a little surprised since all of these treats had some sort of fruit or vegetable in them that Sophie ate them! She often doesn't go for treats with fruits or veggies but she loved them! 

The long term chews are getting less long term but are still her favorites.

I'm sorry this picture is so blurry but the other toy she received in this box was a winter hat. I kept trying to put it on her head but she wanted to just squeak it. 

Here is the snowman with the treats popped in him. 

Here is the other bag of treats she received. She loves these too!

Another long term chew! This was a great box and Sophie loved every item inside. If you haven't gotten a Barkbox for your dog yet definitely order it right now!! Here is a referral link for you if you want it: Try Barkbox

Also last week we celebrated Sophie's half birthday! She turned 6 months old and we can't believe she is getting so big so fast!

Tim ran out and grabbed her a birthday cookie that we cut in half for her half birthday. Of course she didn't like it, but don't worry we had plenty of other treats for her too! 

Oh gosh I just love my little family so much. 

Do you celebrate your dogs birthday? What about half birthdays? Are we totally insane? :)

Have a great day everyone!

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