Monday, January 6, 2020

Our Ultimate House To Do List: Interior Edition

Hey everyone!

Today we are chatting about our ultimate house to do list. If you are new around here, my husband and I bought our first home back in September and we are slowly turning it into our customized home! So far we've done things like painting the kitchen cabinets, buying all new appliances, organizing, bringing home a new family member, bought wall art, and have done some minimal decorating.

We've been here four months and we haven't gotten as much done as I thought we would in this time but quite honestly life gets in the way. I always used to judge people who took forever to do things in their homes but I get it now.  I would much rather hang out with my husband and dog after work instead of doing a project. It doesn't help that it gets dark at 4:30 right now and by the time I get home it's already pitch black.  That to me equals zero motivation.

So let's get started with the to do list! I'm going to separate it by rooms that we currently have in our house and at the end I will share what we hope to add onto the house one day if we choose to make this our forever home.


  • All new appliances: done! We purchased them from Home Depot and absolutely love the ones we chose. I also am still living in bliss since we didn't have a dishwasher before and now have one.  We have this set in black stainless and highly recommend it!
  • Paint cabinets: also done and was way more of a pain in the butt then we initially thought it would be. We now have a gorgeous white kitchen and I couldn't be happier with how the cabinets came out.
  • Add trim underneath dishwasher: It looks incomplete under the dishwasher so I definitely want to get some trim under there.
  • Replace kitchen counters: I have my eye on some quartz countertops to replace the counter as well as the island counter. They are two different colors now and I definitely want them to match. 

  • Complete touch-ups in kitchen: The area next to the stove needs to be painted, the area below the microwave and the side of a cabinet we had to life a little bit in order to fit the microwave and fridge in.

It's not a huge area, but certainly one that needs to be fixed!

  • Replace kitchen sink with a large farmhouse sink.
  • Crown molding above the cabinets.
  • New flooring

I dislike the color of this floor, I just think it looks dirty all the time. I wouldn't mind matching wood floors throughout the entire house...but another tile floor could be okay too. 

  • Shades for windows (you'll see this on the list for every room...)
  • Wall hangings: I am far behind on decorating and I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with the big wall in our kitchen, but so far have hung up a few things. I'm thinking maybe shelves, but I'm holding off for a bit. 
  • Organize all drawers and cabinets.
  • Line all drawers with contact paper.
Big Kitchen Ideas: Eventually I would love to have a pantry. Right now we are using two small cabinets and they are a total disaster. However, this may be something we won't get without adding an addition onto the house. If we had a pantry I think we would have plenty of space for food and other storage and this kitchen could be our forever kitchen.

Living Room

  • New coffee table: I just ordered this last week. Just waiting for it to come in and then we will sell the old one. The new one is a little bit smaller which I think will work better in this space.
  • Replace ceiling fan: All of our other ceiling fans are white and this one is just old looking. It would work with someone who likes "country" themed things but I am definitely not that person. I prefer more modern, simple and sleek. We will definitely be replacing this at some point.

  • Wall Hangings: Again, we need to hang things on the wall. This huge wall behind our couch just looks lame. I have something I want to hang here, I just need to get Tim to help me!

  • Shades on the windows (like I said, this will appear on every list!)
  • Rug: Done and I love how it looks!
  • Mount TV
  • Add decor: It is seriously lacking in here and that's mostly because we weren't able to trust Sophie but I'm thinking if we had shelves on the wall I would be able to decorate a little more.
  • Organize closet: The closet in this room is okay but could definitely handle being renovated to make it a little more customized. I also would like to go through all our coats and donate some but that's another story.

  • Wall hangings: I have plans to frame our wedding guestbook at the end of the hall but just need to get it custom framed. Normal frames aren't thick enough. I also need to figure out what I want to do in the hallway.

  • Replace light fixture: No rush on this because I really don't care about it, but the light fixture is really small and I'm sure we could find something nicer!
  • Rug: I need to find a big area rug for this room.
  • Shades for the window.
  • Curtains
  • Serious organization of the closet.
We honestly aren't planning too much for the office and I'll explain why when we talk about future additions.

Master Bedroom
  • Shades for the windows.
  • Curtains for the windows.
  • Area rug
Again, not too big of a list because of possible future additions.

Guest Room
  • Shades for the windows
  • Curtains for the windows
  • Area rug
  • Shades for the window
  • Possibly curtains?
  • Replace shower/bath
  • Replace toilet
  • Replace vanity

  • New flooring 
  • Organization in closet.
  • Patch holes in closet and around shower head: When a plumber came he had to cut around the shower head and now it needs patching and repainting. The other hole already existed when we moved in and needs to be patched and painted. 

  • New washer and dryer: They were both set to be delivered this past weekend. Unfortunately the washer had a huge dent in it and we had to refuse delivery on it. We did get our dryer though and are just waiting for the new washer to come!

(Sorry it's so hard to see.. it's so damn dark in the basement! But it's the same black stainless LG like we have in the kitchen! Here is the set I purchased from Home Depot)
  • Finish basement (big dreams here, but we would love to have a finished basement, or at least a semi-finished basement)
  • Create a storage area for all decor: I would love to have storage shelves for all our decor to keep it organized
  • Stockpile area: Sort of completed but I would love it to look a little more organized.

Big Interior House Ideas:

If we decide to stay here and make this our forever home we will definitely have to add some rooms on. We hope to have kids someday and if that is a possibly we will definitely be over capacity at this house! Even though we have three bedrooms I currently have all of my clothes in the guest room closet, clearly we won't be able to fit kids here too!

So here are the rooms/areas we will need to add on/renovate in order to make this our forever home.
  • Garage: I would love to have a two car garage! This is a dream but definitely a possibility in the future.
  • Master Suite: We would love to create a master suite with a bathroom and a huge master closet that we could both fit our clothes in. 
  • Upstairs/ Bedrooms/ Bonus Room: I definitely think that adding another level onto our home would create a perfect area for future kids rooms and a bonus/playroom. This would be a huge renovation but one that I think would make the most impact.
  • Dining Room: We don't have a dining table because we have no room for one. We would potentially knock down the wall between the living room and the office to create one. 
  • Main floor laundry/ Mudroom: This would be a dream room off the garage. I would love to have the laundry on the main floor and would love to have a mudroom.
  • Pantry: I would potentially put a pantry in the mudroom so it would be right off the kitchen and give us some more storage space.
So those are our big house renovation dreams right now. I know that other things can always come up  and we might need to do other house repairs and I don't think we will get all this done anytime soon. I am excited to get some of the projects done in the near future and will always share them with you here! 

Stay tuned for the exterior edition of this list which will be coming up next!

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