Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Sophie's Week

Today I'm sharing a sad story. Sophie unfortunately had a rough week last week. She stole a grocery list from Tim on Monday and when he took it back she jumped up to grab it and when she came back down hit the coffee table and hurt her left shoulder. We spent six hours at the emergency vet while they examined her and then took her back in for sedated x-rays. Luckily it appears to just be a muscular issue, but she is on pain medication and we are trying to get her to rest as much as possible.

Here she is after her morning of sedated X-rays. Poor little sweetheart.

She's doing lots of resting.

Eating fake donuts...

While mom eats really Allie's Donuts (a Rhode Island classic) but I thought it was cute that we matched with our blue donuts.

I can't wait until she can run and play again. She really is so sleepy from the medication and we are trying so hard to take care of our little girl.

She's such a good girl and we hate for her to be in any pain.

Hopefully she will be back to new in a few weeks!

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