Monday, January 20, 2020

Straightening Up The Office

Happy MLK Jr Day! Are you off work today? I am and am greatly enjoying my long weekend. I honestly spent most of Saturday laying on the couch resting up from the week but yesterday I did manage to get a ton of laundry and cleaning done which made me feel super productive.

Sometimes I get super hard on myself because this house is moving along slower than I thought it would. I came in thinking we would do all the projects in one weekend and we would instantly be amazing at renovating. News flash: we have NO idea what we are doing. Neither of us has a clue and we've been learning a LOT throughout the process. I will go into more detail in another post but we had a huge fail yesterday! It involved yelling and tears and feeling like failures because we purchased parts that were too big. 

So for now I'll stick with what I'm good at, organizing and cleaning! Let's get started in our office closet which had turned into my Monica closet.

This closet was full of gift wrap, my wedding dress, childhood items, bags, games, and other random items.

It was truly a mess and I pulled everything out, sorted through it all and when I placed everything back inside....

Still pretty full but it looks SO much better! I am so impressed that I managed to put almost everything back in, but more organized. There were a few things that went to the basement but it was all childhood toys that I want to save. There were also bins of toys and other gifts I've picked up on sale and those were able to go downstairs in my stockpile.

I still have room to grow on the top shelf if I need to store more items.

The fact that you can see the floor in there is huge since before you couldn't!

Now, let me show you what the office looked like after Christmas when all of our Christmas gifts were piled up inside.

Insane right? So much stuff and it just looks like a total disaster.

But now....

I just have pictures that we haven't hung up yet, a few things left to put away and our new coffee table we need to put together but are waiting for Wayfair to send some parts they left out of the original package. It's not perfect but looks SO much better!

This is the other side of the room. It's definitely not complete but I will keep you updated as we continue to update this area!

I am really happy that this room is *almost* complete and at least looks presentable if people come over to visit. That's the number one thing I'm going for in our home. I want everything to look presentable even if it's not 100% perfect and there is still a ton of updates we want to do.

Have a great day everyone!

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