Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Ultimate House To Do List: Exterior Edition

On Monday I shared our interior ultimate house to do list and today we are chatting about our exterior list. As you saw on Monday there are a ton of things we want to do inside the house but I wanted to share what we hope to do outside our home. Our house sits on a little over an acre and we have a LOT of yard. Years ago this lot was covered in trees and the previous owner cut down almost all of them. We have a huge front yard which is nice in some ways but we definitely have plans for our yard to make it a little bit nicer.

Our Exterior To Do List

  • New Grass: Luckily my husband sells turf for a living and we might be able to get this done fairly inexpensively. 
  • Front Walkway: There is no walkway from our driveway to our front door and having one would be so nice. Right now you go down the front steps directly into the grass. I would love to have a nice walkway with gardens on either side.
  • Sugar Maple Tree: I plan to plant a sugar maple tree in the front yard because they are absolutely gorgeous in the fall and I desperately want one!
  • Gardens: I want to completely change the front gardens and create a garden along the side of the house. 

I would love to have evergreens here so it would be green year round. Right now the plants look great in the summer but everything is so dead and dull in the winter. Having the evergreens would give it a nicer look year round.
  • Window boxes: I think window boxes would look great on the front of our house! I have seen simple directions on how to make them yourself so it's something I am thinking about taking on as a project. 
  • Move the Fire Pit: Right now the fire pit is exactly in the center of our backyard. I would like to buy a fire pit kit from Home Depot and put it together closer to the back of our yard, away from the house and more out of the way. I have dreams of a fire pit surrounded by small rocks and Adirondack chairs....

  • Fenced In Backyard: We would love to fence in our backyard for Sophie! This would make letting her out much easier since we could let her run around on her own.
  • Install Lattice Under Deck: Sophie loves going under the deck. We bought lattice but haven't installed it yet. 
  • Refinish Deck: Our deck desperately needs to be refinished. Our plan is to do this in the spring. 
  • Buy A Shed: Having a shed would be great! We need one that has a ramp for our lawn mower and I would love to store shovels and gardening tools out there.
  • Buy A Patio Set and Outdoor Rug: I'm dreaming of a cute little set sitting on the deck! I am going to keep my eyes peeled for sales.
  • Buy A Grill: Done! It's boxed up still in our basement, but we have it! Also, thanks to my parents Tim received a ton of grilling tools. 
Right now that is our to do list for our house! We will definitely be working on some of these this spring and I can't wait to share with you how it turns out. 

Do you have any major house goals right now? What landscaping ideas do you have for your home?

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