Monday, February 24, 2020

February Barkbox

Today we are taking about Sophie's Barkbox this month! She of course is still extremely difficult to photograph when her Barkbox comes because she is so excited about it! I swear they spray something on the package to make her go nuts!

She couldn't wait to get her box open and kept sniffing around it wondering what great treats were inside.

Now, the next two pictures are SO blurry but I had to include them because they show how much fun she has when this box arrives!

There was a diamond necklace/ bow tie (you flipped it around depending on your preference. Sophie of course chose the diamond necklace because she's super fancy.

Her favorite was definitely the rose toy! She carried this around for a few days non stop!

Here is a better picture of the rose toy. Honestly we are getting to the point we might need to upgrade to the super chewer box because she ripped this open and it is no longer with us. I don't want her to waste toys and us to waste money buying things that she will destroy in a day. We are going to try one more month of the regular Barkbox and if she is still destroying toys we will upgrade.

Here's the inside of her box, which included a red carpet that your dog could walk. Sophie would've definitely eaten it, so we skipped that but it was a super cute theme!

Her diamond necklace is super cute and has managed to survive so far!

This toilet seat award is half alive. The tennis ball is detached and the top part is empty of fuzz now, but it's still hanging around!

As usual Sophie also received a long term chew (that lasted about three minutes) and two bags of treats.

Do I still think Barkbox is worth the money? Yes.

For the joy that it brings us once a month it's 100% worth it!!

Do you get Barkbox?

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