Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Life Lately

You know when life has been super busy but it's just all your normal day to day things so you feel like you haven't actually done anything? That's what it's like around here! Life has been all about work, the house and Sophie. I go to work during the day and hang out at the house with Tim and Sophie at night. I attempt to keep the house clean, get all my errands and chores done and read or watch Netflix if I get the chance.

This is my life and I love it! Although, if I could be a stay at home dog mom that would be ideal. 

We finished our first round of Sophie's puppy classes at Fetch RI. She actually started listening pretty well by the end! We are thinking about doing another round but Sophie got fixed yesterday so it'll be a little while before we head back! This picture is from one of our many trips to Fetch RI where we picked up some new treats for Soph. She loves seeing the girls in the store and the treats there are her favorite!

Here are the beautiful flowers Tim picked for me on Valentines Day. I came home to a really nice meal and beautiful flowers!

Tim made homemade mac and cheese and it was absolutely delicious!

Here is Tim's other valentine! She was making sure that he didn't forget about her. 

How cute is this little face?! I am so obsessed with her.

We took Sophie on her first hike and she absolutely loved it. She definitely enjoyed sniffing everything and was so exhausted afterwards.

I cooked homemade chicken noodle soup and it was delicious! A little light on the broth but otherwise it was delicious! 

Here's Sophies new toy that we had to buy her! She plays with a similar bungee toy in her puppy class so this was a great purchase. 

Just a girl and her rose.

Tim took this picture and I'm obsessed with it! She's so sweet. 

After a busy day this girl was exhausted! Tim and I couldn't stop laughing at how her head was hanging off the couch. She laid like that for awhile too. 

On Saturday Sophie went to the dog park for the first time and at first we were the only ones there and she loved it. 

There were a ton of tennis balls there so we threw them and she brought them back. 

....and then other dogs arrived....and she because a little scaredy cat!

We still managed to have a good time though!

...and then a dog would come up to her and she would hide again! She's such a baby! 

We took her on a quick hike afterwards which she loved. 

It was so nice last weekend and it was great to get outside!

Here's a quick addition to our deck. We bought this grill before Christmas and Tim put it together on Sunday. We are excited to add to our outdoor decor and hang outside this Spring and Summer!

Finally, our new doormat for our side door! I thought it was fun and it was nice to get rid of the old one that was out there. I can't wait for the deck to be redone, it will look even more amazing!

What have you been up to lately?

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