Monday, February 3, 2020

Little House Updates

We've done a few little updates around the house lately and I thought I'd share them with you guys!

These are super small updates but made a big impact in our home.

The first has to do with recycling. I am a huge promoter of recycling and we generally have a completely filled outdoor recycling bin every week. We always have more recycling than trash, a fact I am very proud of, so why was our recycling bin so tiny?

This was our setup before, trash on the left, recycling on the right. Often the recycling was overflowing and we had to either empty or move it everytime we left the house because we were worried Sophie would get into it. 

In HomeGoods I was browsing the clearance section as I like to do and found a bunch of trash bins with lids for only $22! I picked one out that I liked and Tim carried it out of the store for me.

It would definitely look better if they matched, but I am thinking about getting a recycling sticker to put on the top so it will be easier for guests to know which is which.

Tim asked if it was silly that we had a bigger recycling than a trash but I said no because we have so much recycling every week! Also, trash is better taken out more frequently since food trash starts to smell.

Next up is our wedding guestbook!

We finally got it custom framed. You might remember I tried to stick it in a poster frame but unfortunately it was too thick and it wouldn't stay put. Now we have it in a custom frame from Michael's and it looks great!

To see a closer up version you can check it out here and here. It was made by a family friend, Kate, and you can find her at KaitlynsOccasions

The last is a really small update and just involved us getting a new toothbrush holder. Our old one was literally falling apart and I had cut my hand on it a couple of times. Eventually we want to redo the whole bathroom so I was trying to hold off, but for only a few dollars I bought a pretty marble one from HomeGoods and it makes me happy!

Any small (or big) changes going on in your home lately?

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  1. Melissa, you've made a good post about to make your home cute. I like the carpet, custom frames and the toothbrush holder. That toothbrush holder color is looking great.