Monday, February 17, 2020

My Last 25 Amazon Prime Purchases!

Last week Alexandra Beuter made such a cute video on YouTube where she shared the last 50 items she purchased on Amazon Prime. I absolutely loved seeing what she purchased and since I'm super nosey it was like looking into someones Amazon account which I think is super interesting!

Long story short, I thought I'd try it! However, 50 is a LOT of items so I thought we'd just start with 25. If this is helpful or interesting then I can do it again in the future as well.

Starting from most recently purchased...


Sophie plays with a similar toy in her puppy class so we decided to get one for home too. She absolutely loves it and often carries it from the bungee handle end. 


The dog trainer who runs our class suggested this for Sophie since she doesn't really care about eating. This makes it more of a fun game to eat her food and so far it's working!


I ordered this on a whim and it was interesting but not a whole lot that I didn't already know about Friends!


I used these in my kitchen junk drawer and love how they look!


I bought these as a cheap solution for our front and side doors. Before I put these down a ton of dirt and grime was being tracked in by all of us and this at least helps fight that a little bit. 


I picked these up to trim around Sophie's eyes between groomings. She holds pretty still and I like the dull edges so I don't get too nervous about trimming her face.


This was part of a couponing deal so I ordered these on a subscribe and save deal which I just cancelled once I received the wipes. I go through Lysol wipes like crazy around here because I always use them in my bathroom.


Ah the pooper scooper. This is super helpful in our yard picking up all the messes.


After Christmas I needed some new thank you notes. I love buying these big packs so they last awhile!


This stuff works SO well! We had a few rugs to lay down (and more to lay down in our future) so I decided to pick ups. big roll and would definitely purchase this again if needed.


I bought this for Tim as part of his Christmas present and it works great so he can shave in the shower. There is so much less mess if he shaves in the shower versus over the bathroom sink so I definitely appreciate this purchase!


I bought this for our training classes but I don't think I would buy it again. I could've just kept treats in my sweatshirt pocket.


Would not repurchase. This looks way cuter in the picture than it does in person!


This is a miracle worker! On Saturday I spilled Coke on the rug, sprayed this on the spots and they disappeared! I learned about this from MyTexasHouse and am SO impressed.


I bought three of these at Christmas and although it was great to have a timer going where I didn't have to worry about them, they looked VERY fake. They are definitely a cheap option but you are 100% getting what you pay for!


Sophie get washed with this when we give her a bath at home!


I put this outside the front of our house during Christmas time.


Sophie chews on this from time to time and seems to love it!


We mainly use this to watch Sophie during the day while we are at work but it definitely serves as a security camera too and gives us piece of mind!


We needed new address labels when we moved into the new house and these were inexpensive and cute!


I purchased two of the blue and white striped laundry hampers. One in the XL size and one in L. I love them! They are sturdy but don't take up too much room. 


Simple purchase for our kitchen and works!


A must if you have glasses!


You know you need them!


Works great for those accidents!

So that's what I've bought from Amazon Prime lately....what have you picked up?!

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