Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Organized Kitchen Drawers

I know we've only been living here a few months but it takes no time at all to have all the kitchen drawers get unorganized! 

When we moved in I didn't do the best job of organizing things and just kind of tossed everything in drawers and cabinets in order to get it out of boxes. I had decided to line the inside of each drawer so I had a good excuse to pull everything out and reorganize it!

My knives and cooking tools were everywhere! I used these teal bottom bins from Target in order to section things off and keep the drawer looking nice. Yes, the teal Kitchenaid tools are my jam! I picked these out for my bridal shower and everything looks so nice together. Can you tell what my favorite color is?

My silverware lives in this silverware container from Target and takes up the majority of the drawer. I kind of just lined everything else up neatly for now.

My plastic wrap, tin foil, and baggies are all neatly lined up in this drawer.

Sophie's treats (and medicine from her hurt shoulder) live in this drawer. We also have a treat container that lives on our counter but this is for smaller treats.

This drawer holds dish towels and extra napkins and plasticware. 

Out junk drawer holds no junk! Everything in here is useful and organized!

This small drawer is the perfect size for our pot holders. 

I love having things organized and although you often have to touch up areas like this in order to keep them organized hopefully I won't have to do a huge overhaul like this for awhile!

Do you have your kitchen drawers organized or are they a total disaster?

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