Wednesday, February 12, 2020

We Have Blinds!

This has been a looooong saga around here so go ahead and grab your bag of chips. 

Shortly after Christmas we decided to head to Home Depot and pick out blinds for the ten windows in our house. I had done a fair amount of research into blinds and has come to the conclusion that we either needed to order them from Amazon or get them from Home Depot. We liked a lot of online options but they were out of our price range (if we were millionaires I would 100% have remote operated shades FYI) so we needed to head to the store to pick out what we wanted.

Anyways, I had decided on wood blinds and that was a complete disaster.

I desperately wanted an inside mount but because our windows are technically replacement windows they weren't deep enough to hold the wooden blinds.

Tim put up one in our guest room just to test it out...

....and we hated it. It looked dumb poking out from the window and would've meant that we 100% needed to get curtains and I'm not sure I want the look of we took it down.

See weirdly poking out right?! Anyways, we headed back to Home Depot, returned our wooden blinds and spent some time in the aisle making another decision.

We ended up going with a cordless cellular shade which they of course didn't have everything we needed. So we ordered online and waited for them to come...

Okay, so not the best picture...but they are an inside mount and I think they look great! Although it's not what I originally would've picked I am thankful that now we don't have to get dressed in the dark. Another bonus is that they weren't super expensive so if anything happens to one we could just repurchase another one, 

I think they look great from outside too!

Also how sad does my front garden look right now? I have some big plans for this baby this summer!!

What window treatments do you have in your house?

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