Monday, March 2, 2020

Cleaning After Sickness

Have you been sick yet this winter? Unfortunately the flu hit our house last week AND Sophie was spayed and is recovering from her surgery.. .meaning my house has become a disaster which I absolutely cannot stand.

Let me paint a picture for you....

Tuesday: Sophie gets spayed. Tim and Melissa decide the best thing for her is to sleep on the couch in the living room. Blankets are laid across the floor along with Sophie's bed to make everything comfortable for her. Melissa and Tim are up half the night with a crying dog who is in pain :(

Wednesday: Tim wakes up super sick. Sophie still in recovery.

Thursday: Tim even worse. Sophie now has energy and it's tough to keep her calm and resting.

Friday: Melissa joins in with the sickness. Tim is miserable. Sophie wants to play but no one will play with her they are trying to make her rest.

Saturday: Tim still sick, Melissa feels worse than the day before, Sophie is still angry no one will play and can't sit still.

Sunday: Tim feels better, Melissa still down for the count, Sophie still irritated no one will play.

....and here we are!

Now my plan this week is to get all the sickness out of our house. Obviously there's not too much we can do with Sophie who is still in a cone until next week when she has her sutures removed but we are going to try to get as many germs out of the house as possible.

I started cleaning over the weekend even when I felt pretty horrible because I knew that getting things clean would definitely help.

  • Wash all things linen!
 This involves any clothing, bedding, towels, etc that you have come in contact with while sick. I washed everything from our clothing to Sophie's blankets. I generally do all the laundry on the weekend anyways but I made sure to include everything I thought might be slightly infected. Changing your pajamas often can help as well as things like blankets and pillowcases.

  • New Toothbrushes
I coupon and get new toothbrushes all the time for free so the moment we feel better after being sick we change out our toothbrushes. No one wants that yucky toothbrush full of germs back in their mouth. 

  • Disinfect all Surfaces (Including Doorhandles!)
I looooove my Clorox wipes and although I usually just use them in the bathroom but after we've been sick I wipe down every surface with them. Everything from our kitchen counters to our doorhandles to our cell germs will survive.

  • Take out Trash/ Recycling
When we are sick we get super lazy and tend to let the trash and recycling build up. We also got a ton of packages last week so there was quite a bit to bring out to the outdoor bins.

  • Vacuum and Mop!
I love to vacuum and mop regularly but this is a quick and easy way to get germs out of your house. There's always stuff all over the floor that we track in the house on our shoes. Vacuum it all up and mop down the floors to give it a good scrubbing.

  • Bathrooms
For some reason it seems like bathrooms always have a ton of germs in them. I make sure to clean ours really well.

  • Open The Windows!
It was far too cold this weekend to open the windows but this week its supposed to warm up a bit and you better believe we will be letting in some fresh air! 

Now, I want to know....  what are the number one things you clean once you finally feel better? If we had kids I think I would be disinfecting toys and washing stuffed animals!

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