Monday, April 6, 2020

Flowers In The Woods and Planning Our Front Walkway

Good morning! How's it going? 

I hope you are all doing well and are able to get some projects done during this quarantine. I am still doing okay over here, but as the weeks go on I am missing my friends and family. It's getting harder to stay at home 24/7 but I know it's the right thing to do and we are definitely taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and are getting out for walks whenever possible and have also taken a couple of rides. 

Today I wanted to share a few things with you guys. I know we have talked about the yard a ton lately but it's because I'm so excited to actually have a yard after being in an apartment for so long! I am excited for all our plans and can't wait to complete all of our projects, I know I am driving my husband nuts with my impatience and I am trying really hard to work on that!

First off, we have daffodils blooming in the woods next to our house. I am wondering if once they are done blooming if I should dig them up and move them to our garden. What do you think? Would you leave them here as a little surprise pop of color or move them?

Also that falling down fence in the background, we are 99% sure that it belongs to us but are going to confirm with the neighbor and then take it down. We are planning to put up a fence that will be a little closer in to keep Sophie in the backyard. This fence in the picture is falling down everywhere and is such an eyesore, I can't wait to remove it!

We have some really nice forsythia bushes along the woods as well which is great because they are very full and bring some color to the landscape.

You can see in the above picture how the flowers are on the edge of the woods which makes me wonder if they were planted here originally to be a part of the woods or if there was a garden here. I'm not sure what are plan is here other than leaving it wooded for the most part.

We also have periwinkles directly behind our house and all through the woods. I think these are technically considered a weed but I have always loved them! We had them surrounding a big rock in our backyard when I was growing up and loved that area.

In our front garden, I initially thought this was a crocus when it popped up but it's white daffodils! I definitely need to get some other early bloomers in this garden because these look so lonely!

Now about our big project that we started planning out yesterday...

Sophie was zero help so she was sent inside. She was not a fan of this and barked at us the entire time.

We used rope to plan out our walkway!! Right now when it rains we basically have a big pile of mud at the bottom of our front steps. We are planning a gray brick walkway and Tim had the idea to rope it off so we could figure out the measurements and exactly how many bricks we would need for this project. 

Our plan is to extend the front garden on the left to wrap around with the walkway. This is going to be a huge project with a lot of planting but I'm so excited to pick out plants and make it look beautiful! We will also bring the right hand garden out slightly to meet the walkway and I think it will look great.

When we were planning this out I noticed a bit of pavement in our lawn...who knows why that is there! We plan on also getting grass installed to make our lawn a little less brown, so hopefully that will happen soon.

Here's a better view looking out at where the path will end in the driveway. I'm SO excited for this project! I'm not sure exactly when we will complete it but I will keep you updated.

We did order our pavers to complete this project because they are on sale at Lowes until 4/8! We are having them shipped to our house and are thrilled that we are saving 60% on the supplies for this project.

Share with me the projects that you are working on! Have you ever installed a walkway before?

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