Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Guest Room Furniture Projects

Years ago I painted my nightstand and dresser (throwback to 2014, can you believe this blog has been around that long? Dedication my friends, or just a creative outlet for all my organization and home decor stuff that I'm sure my husband doesn't want to hear about constantly).

Anyways, I painted this furniture in 2014 so it was overdue for a touchup! There were marks all over the nightstand and the bottom of the lamp had left fuzz all stuck in the paint. 

It looked terrible and although we don't get many guests here (especially now!) I want to make this room look nice. 

With just one coat of paint and then a quick second coat on the top of the nightstand it was looking great!

The inside of the drawers was really stained as well so I decided to line the inside with my favorite drawer liner.

I love this simple drawer liner and I think it really brightens up the inside of any drawer or cupboard but I can't for the life of me remember where I got it...

So much better right?! This is the same paint we used on our kitchen cupboards so I knew it would be super bright and that is exactly what I wanted.

The top of the nightstand has never looked better! I love how crisp it is.

Looking at the other side of the room, this is just after painting the dresser. The dresser wasn't as bad as the nightstand but I of course wanted them to match. Also as I painted I saw how much crisper and brighter the new paint is.

As always I highly recommend watching a tv show or movie while doing projects, it makes it go by faster.

So much better! I think this will make a big difference in the look of this room, which I hopefully will be sharing with you guys very soon. I realized I haven't fully shared any of the rooms in our house with you guys yet, so it is on the list of posts to do, I promise!

Have a great day everyone!

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