Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Keep Busy During Quarantine, Organize and Binge

Happy April fools Day, April 1st, Hump Day everyone!

I know that everyone is sick of being stuck at home at this point and it might be extra hard for all you extroverts who thrive on human contact. I'm an introvert and honestly my preference is always to be at home but this even has me wishing I could browse the aisles of HomeGoods, go out to dinner, and see all my friends and family.

I am fortunately still working from home during this time but I know many people are furloughed, laid off, or otherwise have no work to keep them occupied for even part of the day. I wanted to share some areas you can organize during this time and also some shows and podcasts you can binge during this time.

Areas To Organize/Declutter

  • Coat Closet: This is a great time to go through all of your coats and see what you have worn this year and what you can potentially clear out. I recently donated a bunch of clothes and before I took them for donation I quickly went through our coat closet and found a coat that I haven't worn in years that I finally was ready to pass on. 

  • Clothes: I recently went through my closet and dresser drawers and I was able to pass on quite a few things. I regularly declutter my clothes but I'm always surprised how many things I actually can get rid of each time. I try to be honest with myself and think about the clothing that I try on and then hang back up because I don't like the way it looks. It's also a great time to list your clothes on Poshmark to sell! If you have the time why not make a little bit of money on the nicer clothes?

  • Under the Bathroom Sink: This is a great spot to declutter right now because you can really take the time to check expiration dates for beauty products and organize them the way that makes most sense for your daily routine. 

  • Pantry/ Fridge: I did both of these recently and it was great to go through everything. I honestly just wanted a good idea of what we had to work with especially with everything going on. I went through every item of food and reorganized everything so it made sense. We also were able to buy groceries and spend less money because we knew what we had. It also prevents us having to make extra trips when right now we don't want to go to the store unless it's absolutely necessary! 

Shows To Binge

  • Good Girls: Have you seen this show yet? It's hilarious! I highly recommend it.
  • The Office: I just finished watching this and I still laugh hysterically even though I've seen it a dozen times.
  • Friends: One of my all time favorites but unfortunately you will need the DVDs or to pay for them right now.
  • Tiger King: Have you watched this train wreck yet? If you haven't go check it out!
  • The Circle: I really enjoyed this reality tv show and even Tim got into it!
  • Love Is Blind: So good!

Podcasts To Binge
  • YoungHouseLove Has a Podcast: I love John and Sherry and they are always entertaining!
  • The Office Ladies: This is a new favorite for me, but anything Office and I'm in!

What have you been organizing and binging lately? I am planning on sharing some organization projects with you soon to hopefully inspire you!

Have a great day!

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