Monday, April 27, 2020

Our Living Room

Happy Monday everyone!

I promised pictures of each room of our house and today I am delivering! We are going to start off in the living room. 

Speaking of the living room I am sitting on the couch writing this and I just had to stop typing because Sophie jumped up into my lap to get some cuddles and then just as suddenly jumped back down to go back to her watch at the front door.

Our living room is the number one most used room in our home. We spend almost all of our time in here. This is where we watch tv, where we cuddle with Sophie, where we play games, etc. Basically if we are in the house and awake we are in the living room. 

Sophie is ready to show you around!

The view above is from the end of our hallway, entryway to our kitchen.

Here is the view from our front door. We keep things pretty casual in our living room. It's a cozy place with throw blankets and we very quickly move the throw pillows around to make ourselves comfortable. Sophie climbs on top of everything and doesn't hesitate to lay on the couch after digging in the dirt in the yard so we don't get to be super precious about anything. I would love a white couch but that will never work with our lifestyle. Don't even suggest dogs shouldn't be allowed on the couch because then where would we cuddle? :)

When I took these pictures I was watching Gilmore Girls obviously. I wish we had room to do a whole tv stand setup like Alexandra Beuter had on YouTube but unfortunately we just don't have the wall space. Someday when we rearrange the house that may be a possibility. 

My favorite wall art in the house is my it's so good to be home sign. I purchased this on Etsy and I think it works so perfectly in our home. Nowadays it is so good to be home with everything that's going on. I'm thankful to have our home and have a place we can spend time during this crazy time. 

Sophie's bed is right under the window and she doesn't often lay there but I like to leave it here as an option for her. It does make the room a little more crowded but it's nice to give her a place to lay if she wants it. 

Fun fact: In her bed you can see a little pink toy. That is piggy, the first toy we gave her on our ride home. Piggy comes to bed with us every night and often she will go get him and bring him out of bed during the day. It is so cute when she goes to "wake him up"

I am still trying to keep my fiddle leaf fig alive on that table in the corner. Fingers crossed!

One final look towards the front door.  Thank you all for stopping by and taking a look at our living room! Is your living room the most used room in your house?

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