Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The Start Of Our Front Walkway

Good morning everyone! We lucked out and never lost power over here, although many of our fellow Rhode Islanders weren't quite so lucky. Today I wanted to share the start of our front walkway project.

I had a ton of "big ideas" when it came to the front walkway but honestly it mostly came down to price! We ended up choosing gray pavers for the material. Our house is gray so I thought that the gray pavers would be the best choice.

Lucky for us Lowe's had a sale on gray pavers!

I was able to order them online for 60% off! When making a huge home project purchase like this I always like to look for a sale. I knew we would be spending a big chunk of money but saving 60% off a big chunk of money makes my deal loving heart so so happy. So 1000 pavers later we had two pallets sitting outside ready to go!

Tim and I spent some time laying out rope to see where we wanted the walkway to lay.

We plan on bringing the gardens to wrap around the walkway so hopefully it will look really nice once we finish, make the gardens look nice, and get some nice looking grass in here!

Now here we go with the before pictures:

Now we were able to get started laying the pavers.

I highly recommend laying out a row or two of pavers so you can see the flow of the walkway. Sophie was very interested in what was happening. 

We kept going back and forth between a curved edge and a flat edge. You will have to come back to see what we decide!

This past Saturday was digging day! We attempted to both dig with Sophie around and......

it wasn't working. Sophie was interested in what we were doing, wanted to dig in other areas and was just crazy. So I left Tim to dig and sat with Sophie inside. Just when Tim was ready to quit, our neighbor came over to help! We are so grateful because with his help Tim was able to get the whole walkway dug out!

There are now a million other steps to complete before this walkway is done, but we are excited that this part is complete!

Sophie was thrilled to roll around in the dirt and mulch.

Poor Tim was exhausted.

But check out our moat! I kept joking in the torrential downpour on Monday that we could get some alligators and turn this into a moat.

Here's Sophie watching her dad work.

Some more pictures throughout the process. 

Now, over the past few days we haven't really been using our front steps since there is a big muddy drop at the bottom, but it makes me hopeful when I look out and see our new moat :)

Have you ever put in a walkway or another outdoor project like this?

Have a great day!

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