Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Tips and Tricks

Hey everyone! Today's post is inspired by one of my friends from high school! Sean, reached out to me with a tip regarding the BBW semi-annual sale and I thought it was a great tip and realized that there are a bunch of ticks to help you get the best deal during the sale! Let's dive in...

Semi Annual Dates Are Approximately: Mid June- First Week of July and December 26th- Month of January

The semi-annual sale always starts the day after Christmas in the winter but the June date is always a bit of a surprise. Usually we have an idea of when it will begin, but the exact date does change each year.

The In-Store Sale is Always Better

Unfortunately for those of us who prefer to shop online (especially during the current climate) the in-store sale is always a bit better. Some items will start at 75% off and even get up to 90% off in store. At the time of writing this the in-store sale is 75% and the online sale is 50% off. That being said, you may find more items online but the discount will never be as steep.

Get Free Shipping Online

Although BBW doesn't often offer free shipping, there is a way to potentially get it. First off, sign into your account and fill your basket with anything you want. Next, leave your basket. Let it sit for a few days. You should receive a reminder email from BBW letting you know that there are still items in your basket and in that email they will often offer you a unique shipping code. This isn't 100% fool-proof but it's certainly worth a try!

In Store Pick Up + Survey = Free Gift Card

Now, this tip is from my friend Sean. He recently placed a BBW order and did free in store pickup in order to avoid the shipping fees. After he picked up his order he received an email to complete a survey about in-store pickup. Once he did this, he got a $15 gift card for his time! This may be a short-lived since in-store pickup seems to be new, but if you do have this available in your area I would certainly take advantage of it!

My Bath and Body Works Loyalty Program

Unfortunately this tip isn't going to apply to everyone, myself included. Download the Bath & Body Works Loyalty Program App where you will receive coupons and be a member of their loyalty program. Right now this program has only been rolled out in a handful of states and mine is not one of them but if you live in a state that is involved definitely get signed up right away and claim your rewards!

Discounted Gift Cards

If you are planning on making a ton of purchases at the semi-annual sale consider buying discounted gift cards online! is a great resource where you can buy a gift card that someone received as a gift and doesn't want for a slightly reduced rate. It may not be a huge savings but if you can buy a $50 gift card for $48 a save yourself a couple of bucks it may be worth it!

Buying Candles Is Not Worth It

The best time to buy candles is not during the semi-annual sale. The best time to purchase candles is during the annual candle day sale in December. (I think last year it was December 9th? It is always around the beginning of the month) Do not be suckered into buying candles at 50% off, this is NOT a good deal! That being said, if you really need or want a candle, go for it. Just don't believe that you scored the best deal of the year because that's not the case! Last December after a 20% off coupon I managed to get candles for $7.60 each!

Know Your Stock Up Price

With my candle rant over, you should definitely know what your stock up price is. There are always exceptions such as; your favorite scent that you can never find, desperately needing an item (hand soap) and not being able to wait for a sale, etc. My general stock-up prices are:

Candles: $8 or less
Hand Soaps: $2.50 or less
Shower Gels: $3.50 or less
Lotions: $3.50 or less

Your stock-up prices might be higher or lower than mine, but definitely see what the lowest prices you can get items are and stick around that number. There's no reason to pay more than you have to!

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons...

Often coupons are elusive during the semi-annual sale! However, I just received a "welcome back" coupon in the mail that can only be used in-store. Although, I've already been to the sale once this year it definitely is pressuring me to head there again to use my coupon! 

Did you know that you get better coupons if you are one of their top shoppers? So, the more you shop the better coupons you receive in the mail! I'm certainly not telling you to spend a ton of money, but make sure when you receive a free product coupon you get in there to redeem it! There have been times I have gone to the mall, walked in and picked up my free item and left. If you are in the area anyways you might as well stop in!

Stack Coupons With Sales = Buy In Bulk

Okay, it sounds simple but this is the "secret sauce" to being a coupon. We simply stack coupons with sales/promotions in order to get the biggest savings and then we buy in bulk. On candle day, I purchased as many candles as I could until I hit the limit of candles I was allowed in that store on that day. I could've hit up several different stores and really gone to town but I chose to just do one store. That being said, I still have plenty of candles to last me until the next candle day in December. (I also gave away at least half of the candles I purchased as gifts)

I try to always have back stock of everything I use. Hand soaps, shower gels, lotions, etc... Buy enough to get yourself to the next semi-annual sale. Stock up those hand soaps. 

If anyone is interested I can always do an updated look on my couponing stockpile (it's majorly depleted after not couponing for months) but it might give you a better idea of how much I keep on my shelves at any given time.


With all of that said, I really do believe the BBW Semi-Annual Sale to be a great time to get out there and stock up on items. I hope that you are able to score some great deals before the sale comes to a close and definitely let me know if you have any tips that you would like me to add to this list!

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