Monday, June 22, 2020

Life Lately

Hey friends! I am getting ridiculously lazy around here with updating you. Maybe it's the work from home life that has me so lax or just the fact that there isn't a whole lot happening around here since things still aren't completely back to normal.

What is open in your state? Here in Rhode Island there are some dining options open, we are required to wear masks inside any stores or public areas, and are still super concerned about the Coronavirus spreading but it seems like across the country each state is very different! We still haven't been to a restaurant besides picking up food since March and have only seen a small number of our friends. Tim has worked through the whole time since he works for a family business and they don't see customers in person. I have been rocking the work from the couch life which I am loving! I think I get just as much done, work even more hours, but have the flexibility to stay home with Sophie and throw in a load of laundry. It's truly the best of both worlds for me! I'm glad I am able to see my friends and family again though, which I will talk a little more about later. 

I am so glad we have this bubbly little girl in our lives! She has been my constant companion over the last few months and the two of us are more bonded now then I ever could've imagined! I am slowly working on preparing her for when I go back to the office which should be in the next couple of months and she's even gotten me into a brand new habit in order to help with this.

I started waking up at 6am every day in order to take her for a walk. I know I need to get more exercise into my routine so I thought that starting each day walking Sophie would be a great way to do that, make sure she gets to use the bathroom, and tire her out a bit before we leave. Now obviously I take her for her walk and then she sleeps all morning until I take her out at lunch time quickly and then when I normally would get home from work I take her back out for a second walk of the day. I'm hoping this new routine will help her adjust to us being gone during the day but man am I going to miss being with her all day!!

So, what have we been up to besides work and hanging with our dog? Honestly not a whole lot!! We did visit with Derek and Ally and Ally's family for her birthday earlier this month! It was our first real socialization and it was so nice! I loved being able to hang out with other people but I was completely exhausted the next day, apparently socializing is exhausting for me, haha.

Of course I have no pictures because the only pictures I've been taking lately involve a furry friend or are a picture of the house or yard. I need to get back into picture taking mode!

Last Thursday I was able to reunite with Rachel and Brittni for dinner at Brit's house! We got to see all four of the kiddos and then go home to our quiet house, haha! It was so nice to get little kids hugs, hear "Auntie Melissa!" screamed at top volume and just watch them all play for the first time in a looooooong time! We love spending time with these two families and left recapping our favorite stories from the night. It was also just amazing to be back with my best friends! Quarantine was, at times, super lonely and depressing. When you work from home and are home all day alone and you are waiting for your husband to get home from work every day it can be very isolating. There were days that were really hard for me. Days where I felt like sobbing, days where I felt like screaming but finally, finally we are back to having a little social contact and I am so happy! Again, I absolutely love working from home, but I didn't like not being able to go to a store or socialize or see friends and family in person. I am much happier with a little time with my friends!

Here is my little friend chilling in her doggy pool! This picture is from Saturday when it was 80 degrees and I filled it up for the first time. She wouldn't lay down in the pool even though I kept telling her it would be cooler that way, but she seemed to enjoy herself and loved when I sprayed her with the hose. I really want to get her out on the water this summer because I know she will love it! We usually do a family kayaking trip so that is definitely a possibility. At some point we will hopefully purchase our own kayaks so we can go out whenever we would like!

Of course on Sunday we had to celebrate Father's Day (or Pawther's Day!). Sophie signed on to Amazon and ordered this shirt for Tim and proceeded to rip a hole in it within minutes so onto Amazon we went again for another one. (No, the hole wasn't repariable. It was in a weird spot not on a seam and would've looked odd) 

After giving Tim his card and shirt I headed off to my parents house to have breakfast with my dad and brother while Tim and Sophie headed to his dad's house to have breakfast with his side of the family. I had a big lunch event with my mom, brother, papa, uncles, cousins, papa's girlfriend, and both my uncles girlfriends in my moms backyard and it was so nice! It was nice to see family again! (Don't worry, our number was at 12 so we were underneath the Governor's order of 15!) While I was having lunch Tim was golfing with his dad for the afternoon.  When I arrived home Sophie was thrilled to see me since it was the longest that she and I had been separated but I heard from Tim that she had a great time at Poppy (Or Pawpy's) house that morning so I knew she was exhausted! 

So that's what we've been up to lately, what have you all been up to?

Have a great day!!

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