Monday, June 8, 2020

Sophie's May Barkbox

Well, this post is a bit delayed, but today I'm sharing Sophie's Barkbox for May!

This box was absolutely adorable and had a Scooby Doo theme for the new movie that just came out. Whenever a package arrives now Sophie assumes it's for her and this day she was absolutely correct.

Here she is just waiting patiently for us to open her box. She knows there are fun toys and treats inside and watching how excited she gets just makes it more exciting for us. I swear we are the most over-excited dog parents on the planet, it's borderline obsessive how much we love this dog. 

We were surprised and excited when we opened the top of the box and saw Scooby on the top. Of course Sophie instantly grabbed Scooby and took off running! She always grabs the first toy she can and runs off like the Flash. Then she comes back to see what other treats are inside.

Scooby has been with us for a little over a month and has held up pretty well! His ears are a little tattered and his tail has seen better days but beyond that he is holding up nicely. He is a toy that stays in rotation now and Sophie often grabs him for tug or fetch. 

The Mystery Machine remains in near-perfect condition. This isn't a toy she has really played with much at all. I'm not sure if it's just a little too big or if it doesn't make the right sounds but she's not too interested in this one so far.

Oh the sandwich. Well, this was destroyed the first night it came into our home. This is a great tug toy but Sophie's teeth were just too strong for it. We ended up having to toss the little pieces and only have the bread pieces and the burger (I think it's a burger??) part left. Sophie will often bring us the bread for us to throw. So, I guess she's still sort of enjoying this one.

Both bags of treats have been loved and enjoyed! These treats were pretty small but she would perform all sorts of tricks for both to them. We loved asking her if she wanted a Scooby snack too :)

This "long term chew" isn't so long term for Sophie anymore. However it's always great to an extra "cookie" to give her.

Here is a picture of the inside of the box and you can see the other two toys that were options. I'm really glad we got the ones we did! 

Here Sophie is with her haul! You can see some other toys in the background too, girl is spoiled and always digging through her toy bin!

Do you order Barkbox or another subscription box for your pets?

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