Monday, July 13, 2020

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch

Good morning and happy Monday!

Today I want to share how we finally finished mulching and now the sides of our house and deck look so much better! We had mulch leftover after we finished the front gardens so Tim suggested we dig out the side of the house so we took a day and got that done!

I shoveled, moved and spread almost seven yards of mulch all by myself. Tim helped with the side of the house but I did all the gardens and around the deck by myself. I am super proud that I did so much on my own and know that this was the most difficult year for getting things done in the yard. Hopefully next year we can mulch the back of the house and maybe do some planting but it will be far less work than what we've done this year!

Here is what the back of our deck looks like now. We need to cut the lattice and hang it up but for now it looks so much nicer with the mulch in! The black crate has Sophie's outdoor toys, if you were wondering!

Here is the side of the deck. Our deck is in super rough shape and we know we will need to redo it at some point soon but that is a project we are putting off for now. Not only is the paint chipping but the whole deck seems to be tilted to one side. I wouldn't walk out there without shoes because it's splinter central. Overall we just need a new deck and have big plans for our house and this area in the future.

Another picture of the back just because it looks nice!

Here is the side of the house. This area will be a garden eventually. I'm thinking of putting hostas here so they stay small and do well in an area that gets both sun and shade. You can get a glimpse of the mess at the back of our house on the side of this picture. We need a shed or maybe a temporary little shed to hold all our outdoor tools. Another project/expense!

Here is the other side of the deck near the bulk head. We mulched this area too since we can't get in here with the mower it is easier if it is just a mulched area. 

Some last looks at the area! I am so happy it looks so much better. 

Project by project we are getting things done! What projects have you been working on lately?

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