Monday, July 27, 2020

Our Bathroom & Hallway

Today on our home tour we are talking about our bathroom and hallway! We are in a one bathroom house, so that is certainly a daily struggle. Keeping it neat so if a guest arrives unexpectedly it looks fairly clean, one person showering while one needs to use the bathroom... if you have one bathroom you know what the struggles are! We lived in an apartment with one bathroom for three years so luckily it's not something we have to get used to but we do dream about having a second bathroom someday, whether it's in this house or in a future home!

Now, let's take a quick won't take long!

Just a simple bathroom with a shower/tub combo, toilet and sink area. Someday we would like to renovate this bathroom but for now it's certainly livable. The tile and vanity colors are not my taste and I would definitely like to change them. I would also like to change out the mirror and lighting for something not as basic. 

We picked this shelf up at Ikea when we first moved in and I just have some clear containers and a fake succulent on top. Honestly, I'm not thrilled with this shelf but for now it does the job. The containers are of course from The Container Store.

Looking back out towards the door you can see our little tour guide! You can get a better look at the vanity and mirrors here. I desperately want to replace them! 

Our hallway is very simple but I love it! The rug is from the MyTexasHome collection, our wedding guestbook is at the end and a couple of pictures on the left along with our sign that we purchased from Target before moving into our apartment together.

So far on this house tour I've shared:

Still to come... Our Kitchen and Our Guest Bedroom!

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