Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Sophie's July Birthday Barkbox!

As you may have heard from me before, Barkbox Day is one of the most exciting mail days here at our house! Sophie always seems to know when this box arrives and as soon as we put it down on the floor in front of her she bounces around it and sniffs it like crazy!

This month our theme was....

Oh my dog it's your birthday!!!! Tim exclaimed, "It's birthday themed! Sophie it's your birthday!!" 
Clearly we are overexcited parents.

Complete with a paper banner, it was super cute! 

I love this little piñata! Sophie seems to really like this one and she's been bringing it for us to throw and tug on all week. 

Party hat has also been a big hit because Sophie loves to chew on anything that has straps. She already chewed one of these straps off but it didn't fit on her head anyways...because we did try haha

This present is a little big and there is definitely a ball inside so if it's ever destroyed we will at least have another toy. She has been chewing it and playing with this toy but it is definitely harder for her to carry!

I like seeing all the toys that we potentially could have received. Barkbox always has the cutest themes and honestly every toy we've gotten has been great.

These pizza party treats are a huge hit!

The pork jerky has been her favorite though!

This chew took her about two minutes to chew, but she seemed to enjoy it!

I just love this picture of the piñata and Sophie just watching me play with her toy! 

Do your dogs get Barkbox?

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