Friday, October 2, 2020

Fertility Workup

 Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delayed post this week but I knew going in that I had an appointment on Thursday night that I wanted to recap for you guys. 

Yesterday I had the first of what may be a long string of appointments and procedures. I met with my gynecologist and we discussed infertility and the long road ahead. In case you are going through the same thing as me I wanted to share what I learned in this appointment.

First of all we've been trying for 15 months now and my doctor will not see you if you are under 35 and have been trying for less than a year. I must've been asked that question by everyone there. The Medical Assistant came out to get me and bring me to the examining room. She asked me a few questions (including how long we've been trying and if I've ever been pregnant or if my husband has ever had kids-no and no) and took my blood pressure. Then my doctor came in.

She is the sweetest woman and was very positive. She explained to me that in the next month they will do a sperm analysis for my husband, blood work for me, and an HSG procedure for me. Next week when I get my period I will go in for blood work on day 3. Then on one day between 5 and 12 of my cycle I will go in for the HSG. At some point in there Tim will drop off his sperm for analysis. (I'm literally giggling as a write this because it all just seems to weird but this is life)

Once all of that is complete we will hear back from my doctor and know if everything is normal or not. After that if I wish to stay with my office I can get a dose of clomid for three months. If that doesn't work then I will be transferred to a hospital on the other end of the state to meet with those doctors to try IUI with clomid. If that doesn't work then we move onto IVF.

My doctor was very sweet and said we can do as much or as little as I want. We will be definitely be completing the sperm analysis, blood work and HSG this month and see if everything is normal. Then we will see how far we end up going. 

Again, I want to thank everyone that reached out with sweet comments and emails after my infertility post. Hopefully we receive good news- I will definitely keep you updated throughout the process. 

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