Monday, December 28, 2020

Life Lately: Christmas 2020

 Happy Monday everyone! 

Are you emerging from the holiday craziness too? I have been exhausted the last few days! There's something about preparing for the holidays and then watching how fast everything you prepared is over and done. I think about how much time we spend wrapping gifts for them to be torn open so quickly... it's a ton of work!!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and were able to enjoy some down time. I took off three days from work last week and that combined with Christmas Day and the weekend, gave me six whole days off and it was glorious! I didn't get any of the projects I wanted to done, but simply enjoyed some down time- it was so nice. Back to work today is definitely going to be difficult, but at least I still get to work from home!

I took limited pictures over the past week, but I thought I would share them with you anyways.

Sophie was looking very human-like the other day when I snapped this picture! We put bandanas on her almost every day last week and she looked so adorable in them. 

Here she is on Christmas morning. It was pouring rain here on Christmas Day and of course she got soaked! 

This year we were lucky enough to see both of our immediate families. On Christmas Eve we stopped by to visit my mom and dad then we headed to Tims dads house to see his parents and siblings. Christmas morning we stayed home and celebrated as family of three, then headed to my parents house to do gifts with them, my brother and my brothers girlfriend Marie.  We had Christmas Day dinner with Tims parents and siblings. 

My parents have been super careful and haven't interacted with many people and my brother works with my dad so they all see each other daily. I am still working from home and Tim is off for the winter so we were all pretty safe. Almost all of Tims family has already had covid (the exception being us, his dad, one of his brothers and his girlfriend) so we felt safe being around them knowing they couldn't carry it (as far as we know!).

Sophie loved cuddling all our family members. Here she is cuddling Marie on Christmas Day.

She was exhausted by the end of the day, but loving her cuddles from Dan and Nicole. 

Also loving belly rubs from Matt!

Sophie also loved spending time with her cousins (Kai- my brothers dog and Attie- Tims sisters dog)

Here she is with her cousin Attie on Christmas Day:

Attie doesn't want much to do with Sophie, but that's okay! They both looked super cute in their new bandanas!

Have you guys cleaned up Christmas yet? I have everything ready to be taken down into the basement but really want to make some labels with my new Cricut, so I'm holding off on having Tim bring them down. 

I also might need some more bins....When I took this picture I hadn't taken down any of the garland in the kitchen yet and that almost needs an entire bin to itself. Plus I haven't hit up the after Christmas sales yet, so there may be more decor entering our home!

I purchased this unsolved case files game on a whim for Tim this Christmas and we played on Saturday night. It was definitely a play it once and can never play it again type of game but we had a fun time! It took us a couple of hours to read through all the files, finish our objectives and solve the mystery. I would definitely recommend them if you are into this sort of thing. We will be passing it on to friends that we know like doing this sort of activity!

I didn't do a good job of taking family pictures, I definitely need to be better about that in the future.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are ready to head into 2021!!

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