Monday, March 15, 2021

Life Lately

 Just like that another 2 weeks have gone by.... We've been doing a lot of hanging around the house lately so not a ton has been going on. I am starting to feel slightly better so I am working on organizing, cleaning and decluttering. I really want to get as much unnecessary stuff out of our house before our baby comes. If we have organized systems in place that will be even better! I've started to organize the nursery and started picking out furniture and created my registry. So things are moving along! 

How cute is this little girl? Little does she know we will be welcoming a new puppy Easter weekend, and then a human baby will be coming in September. She is in for a huge shock of not being the only child but for now she is soaking it up. 

A couple of weekends ago Tim and I grabbed Adirondack chairs from Home Depot because last year I was desperately trying to find some in June and they were sold out everywhere. I wanted to make sure we got our hands on some so we can have some nights around the fire pit this summer and invite friends over and actually offer them a chair! I lobbied for 10 chairs, Tim thought we needed 6, so we compromised with 8. 

Just some more picture of my sweet baby sleeping on the couch.

We spend a lot of time at home and she's clearly comfortable here. 

This girl loves her daddy!!

I'm sharing this here before even posting it on my personal facebook and instagram pages...We got the results back on our NIPT testing. Our baby is perfectly healthy and is a......

GIRL! Tim was golfing so I called him on FaceTime and told him the amazing news. He told our friends he was golfing with and they gave him a pink golf ball. This is just such a cute picture and I am so thrilled to be having a baby girl. Tim will be the most amazing girl dad, he is so sweet and a calming presence. Sorry for gushing but I just love my husband and my little family so much!!

Of course I had to go to Walmart and buy all the clearance baby girl clothes I could find! I am going to continue hunting for clearance finds and sales. I want to make sure we are prepared for baby girl but don't want to go broke in the process!

So that's what life has been like around here lately. I will keep you updated!!

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