Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Baby Freebie Items! (Get all these items for free!!)

Hey everyone! Much faster turnaround this time huh?! I promised I'd be back sooner and here I am. Today I want to share all about the FREE baby items you can get. Seriously, free items! 

If you know me or have been reading here for awhile you know that I love to get items for free and love free samples. Once I got pregnant I of course signed up for all the free items I could find online. Things have been trickling in and I want to share all the free products I've gathered so far. 

Huggies Bag

Just for signing up with Huggies they sent me a care package for baby! One pack of size 1 diapers, a onesie and a pack of wipes. Since I know diapers and wipes are expensive I will take any free ones I can. I know lots of mothers have opinions on different kinds of diapers but honestly I want to have a variety so I can test them out. I can always save extras for future babies or share them with friends if they don't work for us.

I also won't say no to free clothing. I know baby girl is going to go through a ton of clothes so having a onesie from Huggies might not be the cutest outfit ever but when everything else is covered in baby spit-up and poop I will gladly put her in a free onesie! 

Walmart Baby Registry Box

For just creating a Walmart Baby Registry (you can keep it private) you get a whole box of fun items!

The items we received are all picture above but include a pacifier, bottle, diapers, baby shampoo and wash, dry shampoo, baby food, and a ziplock container. 

Unfortunately these three items would expire by the time the baby was actually here so I did go ahead and donate them. 

Noobie Box

For the Noobie box you do need to pay a small shipping fee but I was so excited to get all the samples I had to do it! I thought the Noobie box had a few good things in there but I'm not sure it was entirely worth the shipping. I have heard great things about Water Wipes though so I think it's great to get a sample of them!

Baby List

The Baby List haul was by far the best of all the ones I received! There were four bottles, a few wipe packets, a couple of diaper samples and a bunch of other items. I would highly recommend the Baby List sample pack, even if they do charge for it.

Amazon Baby Registry

I thought I would be more impressed with Amazon's freebie bag. To be totally transparent you do need to create a registry and have a certain amount of items purchased off of it (I think it was $10) but since you are putting items on there you want purchased anyways it's not a huge deal. I did like the cute onesie and how it was gender-neutral and it will look really cute on baby girl!

There's also a freebie bag you can pick up at Buy Buy Baby but unfortunately the closest one to us is over an hour away so I'm not sure if we will ever make it up there to pick it up. 

I would also recommend to sign up for any diaper and formula programs you can find. They will send out free items or coupons which is great!

I should also mention that we did receive a bunch of coupons and will be using those going forward to purchase any items we might need.

That's all I picked up for baby freebies so far! If I manage to find any others I will definitely let you know. I also am thinking about sharing some more baby content- like a nursery update and what items we've picked up so far. If that's something you would be interested in definitely let me know!

Monday, April 26, 2021

Welcome Rory!

 I know I promised I would be better about updating the blog. I have a TON to say and life has been so busy lately.  I have a list of posts to write up and do plan to get better about updating as we go forward.

Today I wanted to share the newest addition to our family! No, not our baby girl who will be arriving in September.....

Meet Rory!

Last July/August Tim and I had been struggling with infertility for over a year and were looking at starting fertility treatments. We knew we wanted to bring a sibling into our home for Sophie and that she would love having a sister so we put ourselves on a waiting list for a goldendoodle puppy. The day I found out we lost Baby B we received an email that we could pick up Rory on April 4th. It was a true miracle. 

Rory's first weigh-in at the vet came in at 13 pounds! Sophie was 18 pounds when we brought her for her first vet visit so Rory feels significantly smaller than her big sister did. We keep commenting on how fragile she seems but luckily she's been a great eater and we can already feel her getting bigger every day! 

As far as puppies go Rory is extremely easy-going. Our vet and vet tech kept commenting on how easy-going she was during her visit. She loves to play and has been in heaven with the huge selection of toys we have collected around here. When she gets the zoomies it is absolutely adorable and she can often be found sleeping on top of a pile of pillows.

I'm sure you're curious about how big sister Sophie is adjusting to having a sibling. Well, she couldn't be better!! The first day we were very nervous and Sophie definitely seemed a little jealous. After that initial jealousy, we haven't seen it since. The two of them are best friends and play together, cuddle together and just generally enjoy each others company. Rory is obsessed with her big sister and Sophie is very sweet about letting her cuddle. It is so adorable and I love watching their relationship. 

I am excited for Rory to get a tad bigger so I won't be quite as stressed out about their wrestling matches but I love to watch how Sophie rolls on her back and lets Rory climb all over her. They also play a ton of tug and Sophie has always wanted us to chase her around the yard and she finally has someone who will do it non-stop.

Overall adding Rory to our family has been one of the best decisions we have made. She is sweet, snuggly and so playful. While having a puppy is certainly stressful and I'm not sure I would recommend any pregnant woman to add the stress of it to their life I am so glad we did it now before having a baby. We will all be adjusted before we get thrown for that loop in September. 

One of our friends who came to meet Rory said it best when she said, "You guys seem to thrive on chaos."

I can't even disagree with that statement because we just love to have some sort of project going on. If there's not something going on then life gets too boring!