Monday, May 3, 2021

Baby Girl Name Reveal...

 Today I'm sharing Baby Gooding's official name!

Our baby girl will be......

Ellie Olivia Gooding! 

One of the first times Tim and I talked about having kids I mentioned that I loved the name Ellie for a girl and he said he loved it as well. It stuck all these years and we knew if we had a daughter her name would be Ellie.

When we were thinking up names for twins we decided if we had two girls Olivia would be the second girls name. Although we will never be 100% sure we both agree that we think Baby B was a girl. While we will never get to meet Baby B here on Earth, we wanted to honor her and have given Ellie the middle name Olivia. Since Baby B was absorbed by both me and Ellie she will always be a part of us and although it might seem strange it just gives me more peace about the entire situation.

We've are so excited to meet her and have a private ultrasound scheduled for this month so Tim can see her move and hear her heartbeat for the first time. Unfortunately, he has not been allowed in any appointments or any ultrasounds throughout this pregnancy due to covid. I'm hoping Ellie will be bouncing around during our private scan so he can truly get to see what I've been seeing this whole pregnancy!

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet :)

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