Wednesday, May 19, 2021

New Rugs!

Hi everyone! Today I thought I would share two quick decor updates that have arrived the last few weeks. Both are rugs but I think they are making a world of difference. 

We had a white and gray runner in our hallway from the My Texas House collection and I absolutely loved it. I really did think that it fit perfectly in the hallway and I am a huge fan of that collection...however with my two dogs the white was quickly turning darker and darker. If we had a second floor where the dogs wouldn't immediately run over the rug with their dirty feet. 

I was slightly disappointed to have to pick out a darker rug, but I ended up finding a pretty blue rug on Wayfair. 

For some reason it looks super small in this picture but it is the same size as the previous rug. 

I like that it's darker and definitely hides dog foot prints and the blue is very pretty but I do kind of miss my white rug!

The second rug that came in is the rug for Ellie's nursery! 

I really wanted a pink rug but nothing too intense. I think the light pink goes well with the starry sky wall paper and the neutral furniture. These pictures making the walls look darker than they actually are. 

I have quite a bit to still do in this room but I can't wait to share all the projects as we complete them! 

The girls were so proud that they helped me pull the old rug out and put the new one down. 

I love this picture of the girls! This shows how nice the rug looks with the white crib too. 

If you're looking for me I'll be over on Pinterest looking for more ideas for the nursery :)

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