Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Our Baby Shower

I unintentionally took a break from the blog...sorry guys! It's hard to keep up now that I'm back to work in person full time. Adding in my commute time now, trying to get the nursery put together, and just keeping up with general chores around the house in my third trimester, I've been completely exhausted. 

Today I wanted to share our baby shower which was a few weeks back. We decided to do a drive-by shower so anyone who didn't want to stay. It was very low pressure and just in our front yard. My mom did an amazing job planning, she had cupcakes delivered and a Del's truck parked in the driveway. It was so nice to have so many people we love stop by and wish us well! I was completely exhausted by the end and my feet were super swollen. 

Basically, I'm going to do a major photo dump of the shower so enjoy!!

Sophie and Rory attended the shower and did so great! It was a really hot day, but they were troopers and slept so well that night and the whole next day.

Our attempts at a family picture didn't go really well, but that's okay!

My mom did such an amazing job planning the shower and hosting! 

Ally tagged this picture of us on instagram, I look so tired! 

My dad even stopped by for awhile, I think he is excited for his first human grand baby!

My in-laws also came and stayed awhile! It was so nice that they came by!

My uncle, his girlfriend, and cousins came from Connecticut to celebrate Ellie.

A picture of the set up along the road. We are lucky we have a big front yard. 

The cute sign my mom ordered and the table in the background. 

Sitting with the dogs before guests started to arrive. 

Another family photo attempt. 

It's hard to believe that these three girls were the flower girls at our wedding, and Tyler wasn't even born yet! (Pictures from our ceremony can be found here) They all seem so big now! 

My mom bought beach balls for all the kids to play with and they had a great time chasing them around the yard. 

Some of the cupcakes my mom had delivered. I never even ate one....

My mom truly went overboard. From the goody bags to the guessing game to the hand sanitizer favors, she had so much set up!

If you aren't sure what Dels is, it's a Rhode Island thing! It's frozen lemonade and delicious but guess what, I never even had one! Luckily our guests seemed to enjoy them!

My mom took guesses on when Ellie would be born and sent me the document, it'll be interesting to see who wins! There were a lot of early September guesses but some major outliers as well. My cousin guessed September 25th.... 22 days late! I am already feeling rather uncomfortable so I can't imagine if I was forced to stay pregnant that long. 

I'm so glad that my uncles girlfriend Liz snapped all these pictures of my mom setting up and how the tables looked. 

Alcohol in case anyone wanted to add it to their Dels. 

Rachel and Ant came and I always wish that we had more time to hang out with them!

My mom invited a bunch of her friends and it was so nice that they all stopped by!

Rachel and Brittni who have handed down so many items to us from their kids! It has been such a lifesaver.

We were so lucky to have so many people stop by and hang out with us. 

Derek and Ally are excited to be Uncle Derek and Auntie Ally!

Tim's mom and brother Dan hanging out.

It was so nice to see Marissa! We don't see Marissa and Fred that often so it was great to hang out with them!

Tim's dad and Fred.

The baby daddy himself :)

Callan and Kason, the oldest of the cousins! They have been the only ones for so long, but already gained one cousin this year and soon Ellie will be here too!

My uncle Dave and his fiancé Liz!

It was such a nice shower, and there were a ton of people who dropped by that we didn't get pictures of. I think the only pictures that I took were of the dogs....all the rest were stolen from my mom :)

I didn't take pictures of all the gifts we received but once the nursery is complete I will do a full nursery tour post and share what we received. 

Have a great day everyone!

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