Apartment Living

Apartment Living

A look at where we used to live! We bought our first home and are working on making it our own. Here you can see where we used to live for the first 3.5 years we lived together!

Come on in, take off your shoes and make yourself comfortable! This is where all the details of our home will be shared including where we bought things so you know where to go if you are interested in something!

Our Living Room:

Our first big grown up purchase furniture-wise was our sectional couch from Jordan's Furniture. This was a huge purchase for us (including financing which I'm still working on paying off) but I absolutely love it. It's a brownish/gray color depending on the light you're in but I think it will work great in whatever space we bring it into. We love that it's huge enough for us to both lay out completely on it (picture me in the picture above laying with feet towards you and Tim with his feet towards the window and our heads meeting in the middle)

The pillows on the couch all came with the couch but we have recently added some turquoise pillows from Kohls which brings a pop of color. 

Our coffee table was ordered from Kohls.com and I assembled it fairly easily. I do have to say it's a "for now" piece of furniture since it's a little wobbly. This particular piece is not currently for sale any longer but I don't think I would recommend it even if it was since the corner are awful sharp!

The blue tray on our coffee table is from Kohls and I really like it for corralling some of our decor items together. 

All the baskets are from Target which help keep our stuff organized. Baskets have to be my favorite organizational item.

Our gallery wall consists of gallery frames I picked up from Target. They are from the essential home line and come in a few different colors.

Our tv console is from Walmart's Better Homes and Gardens line. I really wanted an Ikea piece but it was too expensive to have shipped at the time so this one fit the bill! 

Our tv is from Best Buy and was an impulse buy when we first moved in so Tim could see his video games.

The baskets inside our console are from Ikea. We have eight total but have taken two out since Tim needed room for his Xbox. I took out the second one out to keep things even and piled some of my books in that nook which I think looks pretty cute.

The lights on either side are from Target and were cheap editions to help light up the room a little bit.

This bookshelf was made by the one and only Bob (aka my dad) and I painted it white a few years ago. I've collected quite a few things for this shelf including some shells from Florida, candles and frames received as gifts. I also have the majority of my book collection here which I have paired down quite a bit.

I picked up this ladder bookshelf from Kohls (where else do I shop) and love how it looks. I combined a variety of beachy items on this shelf and couldn't be happier with how it turned out. 

We also have a practical plastic mat near the door for our shoes because who wants a mess in their apartment? Not us!

Our Bedroom:

Our bedroom is a super calm area which we haven't decorated fully yet.

Our comforter is from Target and our headboard is from Pier 1. I absolutely love our headboard and dreamed about getting it for months before I finally pulled the trigger and ordered it. 

Our nightstands and dressers are from Ikea and despite a fun assembling party we had over our first few days, they have held up very well! I know it's not the highest quality furniture but they have huge drawers and look just fine. We will be using these for quite awhile.

Our bedside lamps are from Target and were picked out by Tim. I wanted something simple and learned we have different tastes. Tim found this one and we agreed it seemed to be the one we could compromise on. 

Pretty much the same on this side!

I love my perfume tray which came from either TJ Maxx or Marshalls (I can't remember which one) but it's so nice to have a small area to corral my perfumes. I filled a hurricane glass from The Christmas Tree Shop with shells and beach glass and love how it turned out. The teal frame is from Kohls and the sparkly frame is from Pier 1.

On top of our tall dresser we have Tim's tv from his previous house. 

Our closet is pretty standard where I have bins from JC Penney's on the top shelf. 

Guest Bedroom:

Our guest bedroom is a hodgepodge of furniture. We have Tim's mattress from his old house, a dresser that I've had since my nursery days, and my nightstand from my old bedroom. 

This room also serves as backup for my couponing stockpile. 

This comforter is Tim's from his old room and tons of blankets we have acquired. My Once Upon a Time pillow is a Disney buy and I have some stuffed animal friends sitting on the bed as well. 

The candle on top of sand is from a wedding I attended 10 years ago and I still use it to decorate. The lamp is from Marshalls and is my favorite lamp I love the color. 

Our Bathroom:

Our bathroom is super simple with a white curtain from Target and a blue bath mat from Kohls. I also have a white bath mat in our guest room closet but it tends to get dirty really quickly. 

Our shelf above the toilet is much nicer looking since this picture was taken but the clear containers are from The Container Store. The blue bucket is from the Target dollar spot and I keep all of Tim's bathroom stuff inside of it. 

Our towels are from JCPenneys and they are the softest towels ever. Our scale is from Walmart and our mini trash can is from Ikea. 

Our Middle Room:

Our "middle room" is labeled as a dining room on the website for our apartment building but it's a skinny room so getting a dining room table would mean that we would have to go around it constantly which would be annoying. 

Instead we have a table with extra kitchen supplies on one side and my desk, makeup drawers and jewelry armoire on the other. 

My desk is from Cardis and is a bit of a mess currently. 

My makeup storage drawers is the Alex 9 drawer from Ikea. I love this piece of furniture and hope to someday have all my beauty supplies in this cabinet!

My jewelry armoire is from Pier 1 and I love having all my jewelry safe in one place. Although I don't have anything of value it's still nice to have everything together!

Across the hall is this table Tim gave me for Christmas from Target and also our recycling bins. I love the color of the table even though the glass panel broke on one side and we have yet to get it replaced. 

I bought this Martha Stewart organizer years ago from Staples and it's still working hard for us!

Our Kitchen:

Our kitchen is a super small galley kitchen and doesn't have a lot of room for extras but I have put a pretty rug from Kohls and a new trash can from Target in there.

Our dish towels are generally from Kohls or Target and these ones are no different (Kohls). 

Thanks for stopping by our apartment! As things change I will update this page to share with you :)

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