Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Grove Collaborative Order

I decided a couple of weeks ago to start ordering from Grove Collaborative! I have heard amazing things about this company and since I mostly use all-natural cleaners in our home I thought it might be a tad easier to just order everything and have it delivered to the apartment. 

With my first order I picked out five items. One I have used previously and the other four were completely new to me. Here's what I picked out:

Molly's Suds was recommended by LoveMeg over on Youtube. Since we use the apartments dryer often our clothes don't come out completely dry. I did buy a drying rack but I'm hoping this will cut back on the number of items that come out still wet. I did use these over the weekend and fond that the three worked better then my whole stash of plastic dryer balls. I will definitely keep using these!

I love Mrs. Meyers and I knew the Honeysuckle scent is a hit with Tim and I so I decided to order a dish soap since we needed new dish soap anyways. We are loving this scent and I'm finding that I need less dish soap then I normally did when I was using other brands. So far so good!

Again with Mrs Meyers Honeysuckle :)

I have been using this spray recently so I purchased this as a backup because I really enjoy the scent.

I have heard so many things about the Basil scent from Mrs Meyers and I'm so glad I decided to try it because it smells amazing!

This Caldrea countertop spray was a little on the pricey side but it smells INCREDIBLE. This is my favorite of the bunch and each time I've used it the scent just lingers. This is in Sea Salt Neroli and I will definitely purchase this in the future.

I've already placed another order for February and received a freebie because I'm a VIP member and I would highly recommend for you to check out their website! If you click here you will get a $10 credit for signing up and you will get a 3 month VIP membership for free! Head over now- I promise you won't be disappointed!

What cleaning products do you like to use?

Monday, January 29, 2018

Life Lately: Oh TWOdles!

We had another baby-filled weekend around here with another birthday party! Emma turned two last week and her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed birthday party was a blast!

Emma is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and constantly is saying "oh Toodles" so this was a perfect theme for her party. 

Brittni had asked me to make Mickey mouse versions of my pretzel treats and Emma was loving them! She immediately started pulling them off the plate and kept trying to get adults to give them to her. She's hard to say no to!

Here's what the treats I made looked like:

To make them you simply have to place a hershey kiss on a pretzel (I use butter snaps) and put in the oven for about three minutes on the lowest setting. Take them out and the hershey kiss should be nice and melted. Press a large m&m into the center and two mini m&ms in the same color above to create Mickey's head and ears. I then place them in the fridge for at least 24 hours before I serve them. They are always a crowd pleaser whether you put them in the shape of Mickey Mouse or just place one M&M inside like I've done in the past.

Tim and I took a selfie with two of our three nieces. The best part about best friends is that when they have kids they become your nieces and nephews! Even when they aren't related by blood they are some of my favorite people to hang out with! You can see my recap of Tilly's first birthday from last weekend here.

Tim is determined to turn Emma into an Eagles fan. We all have different teams we are fans of so we shall see who she decides to choose!

Tilly was having a great time running around with this walker! She is on the move now and is running! After not getting a ton of time with her at her party last week it was so nice to hang out with her!

She was also more interested in eating the cookies they were supposed to be decorating then actually decorating them. I can't blame her!

Emma enjoyed putting as many sprinkles as possible on hers! Anything to make a mess :)

How sweet is Tilly in this picture?!

Emma's cake was perfect with all the Mickey characters- she loved it!

Brittni's sister brought a blow up bouncy house for the little ones and Tilly was a little apprehensive about it!

A sweet family moment!

Emma climbed right on my lap to eat a pretzel. Love this little girl!

My other little love Tilly holding my hand while Emma sits in my lap- my heart just melts when these girls love on me!

Overall it was a wonderful Saturday afternoon birthday! Brittni and Stephen asked for money in lieu of gifts so they can purchase a swing set for their backyard. It was such a nice idea and when I mentioned it to my mom she said they did something similar for my brother and I when we were little. Great minds!

After the party we stopped home quickly and then headed off to the Warwick Mall to do a bit of shopping since we both had gift cards burning holes in our pockets. 

After a little shopping at Old Navy we decided to eat dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.

We picked Buffalo Wild Wings because we had a gift card but I was not impressed with my buffalo mac and cheese! It just wasn't great and I wouldn't necessarily choose to eat there again in the future. Tim did like his wings though!

We headed home shortly after and decided to watch All I See Is You starring Blake Lively (she is my ultimate girl crush---I mean who has hair as beautiful as hers? No one!)  I was pretty disappointed that the movie wasn't as great as I thought it would be. Definitely not one I would recommend.

On Sunday we had an event to attend at Quidnesset Country Club in North Kingstown.

Tim coaches football and his team had their banquet on Monday. We enjoyed a yummy meal and it's always so funny to see the kids interact with Tim.

After the banquet we spent the night hanging out at home! It was another quick, fun weekend!

What have you guys been up to lately?

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Two Drawer Declutter

In January I always make a list of places in my home that I would like to organize and this year our second bedroom nightstand drawers made the list. If I'm being honest I've just been shoving things in there for a long time. Not sure where to put it? Second bedroom! Doesn't fit into any other category? Second bedroom! I swear that room is becoming my junk room slowly but surely. 

Anyways, it was time to do a quick declutter and get organized.

Here's what we were starting with...

The top drawer just had a massive collection of random items. Crafting items, stickers, decor items I'm not currently using, you name it.

The second drawer mostly holds tools. We don't require many tools here in our apartment but these are just some things that we have accumulated in the time we've lived here. They were just all kind of thrown in there and I knew I needed to find a slightly better solution for all the screws and nails that were just floating around the drawer.

Here's the after! Still a little crowded and not entirely organized but now all the screws and nails and other random small pieces are contained in jars. I think this will be perfect for now until the day we have a basement, garage or shed to store all our tools!

One item to toss so far! This food dye was expired and I used it for a project and then never touched it again so it was time to get tossed.

Here's my top drawer after! Now I can see everything that's in here even though it's still a random assortment of items.

I had quite a few items to get rid of which I plan on possibly selling at a yard sale in the future or donating.

A ton of items just didn't belong in here and needed to find new homes. I had some decor items I'm not currently using that needed to be stored somewhere different, my vacuum attachment should live with my vacuum, and some travel bags and containers that needed to live with the other ones! The stickers got moved to my desk area where it makes more sense to house them.

Not a ton of items to toss but I found some expired seeds that were a freebie, some bath accessories I needed to toss and some paper products to be recycled.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Life Lately: Tilly Turns One!

Happy Monday everyone!

We had a celebratory weekend that started off on Saturday with Tilly's first birthday party! 

We headed to a CT brewery to celebrate and once we entered the back room we were so impressed with the decorations that Rachel and Ant had created for Tilly's special day. 

We got to see all three of our favorite girls at this party! Emma was super excited to see the dinosaur and wear her beautiful dinosaur dress.

Parker was a happy girl hanging out with her Uncle Tim.

Taking some dinosaur selfies.

Tim enjoyed trying out different beers and we both enjoyed Auntie and Uncle time. There were SO MANY babies at this party!

Tilly was SO gentle with her cupcake. She carefully picked pieces off to eat instead of smashing her hand into it.

It just says a lot about her personality- she is so gentle and sweet!

And the girl loves food!

Such a cute birthday girl!

Emma and Tim played on the cornhole set and used it as a slide.

Ant created this whole backdrop for the photo booth which was really cool! Tim and I had to take a picture with the dinosaur.

And Emma slid some more!

And Parker napped away!

We got to take home out photo booth picture which was so nice- I absolutely love polaroids. We had such a great time and will get to see everyone again next weekend for another birthday party!

On Saturday night we stayed in and watched about five episodes of Game of Thrones. We are finally in season 7 and are almost caught up- such an incredible show.

As for Sunday we spent the entire day in our apartment. I spent a good portion of the day cleaning the apartment and doing laundry. Eight loads of laundry- my newest record. Then we watched football all afternoon- GO PATS!

How was your weekend?!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Things I'm Loving Lately

Hi there everyone! Today I'm popping in to share some things that I have been loving lately! This kind of post can be filled with a variety of things so you never know quite what you're going to get :)

First up a couple of decor items that I have been absolutely loving in my living room and they were both gifts from my mom!

Starfish Pillows

The first is a set of these pillows from Kohls. 

These starfish pillows are gorgeous! We have two on our couch and I have designated them as decor pillows meaning no one is allowed to squish them! My mom bought these for me for Christmas and I have been enjoying seeing them on my couch every single day since.

RI Home Sign

My mom clearly has great taste because awhile back she bought me this sign:

I believe she purchased this from a store in Charlestown RI called Simple Pleasures which is one of our favorite stores to browse in! I'm sure you could find something similar on Etsy but I think the color of this one is perfect and it works great with my blue/ocean theme that I have going on in my living room.

Grove Collaborative

I just began ordering again from Grove Collaborative and I am loving the simplicity of ordering natural cleaning supplies from their website. I already am obsessed with Method and Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products and love that I can try out some new products from their site every month.

I just placed an order with them so I will definitely be doing a future post unboxing all my items and then share with you how I like them in the future. In the past I have ordered a few things that I have loved...

-Mrs. Meyers Multisurface Spray in Honeysuckle
-Method Antibac Toilet Cleaner in Spearmint
-Method Multisurface Spray in Ocean Waves
-Arm and Hammer Baking Soda
-Grove Collaborative Be Good Dish Brush
-Method Daily Shower Spray
-Grove Collaborative Walnut Scrubber Sponges
-Grove Collaborative Glass Spray Bottle

If you use my referral link you will get a $10 credit to use on your first order! You also get a free trial of a VIP membership which means you get free shipping when you sped $20 which is insanely easy to do!


With the playoffs happening pretty much all we have been watching at my house is football- which is just fine! Both of our teams (Patriots for me and Eagles for Tim) are in the playoffs so we are hoping for a Patriots/Eagles Super Bowl this year!


Back 40 in Exeter RI

Oh my goodness. Last week we went out to dinner and visited Back 40 in Exeter RI for the first time. I tried their Back Mac which is an insanely delicious mac and cheese dish. I kid you not it is the most delicious macaroni and cheese I've ever had in my entire life. My mouth is watering just typing this and I will 100% be going back to have it again.

If you are ever visiting Rhode Island definitely check it out!

Speed Cleaning Videos on Youtube

I have been obsessed with Speed Cleaning Videos on Youtube lately. I first discovered them when one of my favorite Youtubers Vasseur Beauty did a video where she cleaned her house and it was sped up. From there my obsession just got worse.

Some of my favorites lately to watch speed clean are:

Love Meg
Beauty and The Beastons
Erica Lee
Kelly Marie

There's something oddly satisfying about watching other people clean and it totally motivates me to get my home clean too!

Those are a few of the things I'm loving lately- what are YOU loving lately?