Monday, May 29, 2017

Life Lately

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I thought today I would share some pictures of what's happening in my life lately!

A week ago we babysat little Emma!

We always have a blast watching her because she is so active and fun now! We got into a ton of activities such as pulling every book off her bookshelf and riding around the island on her hippo.

Also climbing on the coffee table. Such a troublemaker.

Last Sunday we went to the Roger Williams Zoo. We absolutely love visiting zoos, it's such a nice way to spend a few hours on the weekend.

The last time we visited this zoo was about two years ago when we first started dating so it was nice to go back and experience it again!

It was such a fun day and unexpected since we hadn't planned on going to the zoo initially. Aren't those always the best kind of days?!

Last week we had a nice dinner with Rachel, Ant and Tilly.  We met at The Boathouse in Mystic and enjoyed some yummy appetizers and baby snuggles.

It was so nice to catch up with Rachel and Ant since we don't get to see them all that often. Tilly is getting big so fast and is so much more aware and alert then she was before. It's so amazing how fast she's growing up!

This past Saturday we went to Megan and Josh's engagement party in Massachusetts,

The party was so nice out in their backyard. We were able to meet another couple who lives right nearby us and we have a ton in common with which was a great time.

I always forget how much I miss Megan until I see her! We spent so much time together in college it's always great to see her.

We saved a spot for Laura since we were both missing her during the party!

This weekend has also been filled with a couple of lazy mornings at home with homemade breakfast by Tim...well except the toast which was made by me. Yes, I have many talents!

Yesterday we spent most of the day at a BBQ outside which was nice. I ended up with quite a few mosquito bites but we had a good time.

Finally, I just wanted to share the polaroid pictures I took before we let this weekend. I have been playing around with my polaroid camera to try the different settings and love that it has a timer so we can take couple pictures together :)

So that's what I've been up to lately!

Monday, May 22, 2017

One Year Later

Can you believe we've been living in our apartment for an entire year?

Last year I shared Our Moving Story and then shared some pictures of our apartment in different posts. You can see all of the posts revolving around our apartment here where I've shared decorating and organization that we've done over the past year. However, today I thought I would share updated pictures of our apartment.

I spent a ton of time cleaning one day recently (cleaning routine post AND speed cleaning video are coming soon!) and decided to take pictures while everything was looking super sparkly.

I clean starting in the back of the apartment and work my way towards the front so the first room you get to view is our bedroom.

Our bedroom hasn't really changed in the last year. We still have the same comforter but did get some new softer sheets from Kohls which have been amazing. We are still loving our Ikea furniture which has held up very well.

I am still working on getting all our hangers switched over to huggable hangers, my side is almost complete and then I just have to get through Tims!

Not too many changes in here at all but we love our bedroom. It's peaceful, relaxing and I don't want to spend the night anywhere else!

Our second bedroom has a nice bed for when we have guests, but also holds our dirty laundry and quite a bit of storage. I didn't do much with the decor at all just hung up a few things and threw some random decor items on the nightstand. Also the paint on the dresser and nightstand are peeling but that's something we will just have to deal with until we move out since I don't want paint fumes inside our apartment!

I love the curtains in here even though Tim thinks they are boring. I prefer nice neutral items with random pops of color if I choose. No need for crazy color everywhere because that's not relaxing to me.

This room is definitely not as put together as I'd like. We have piles of paper goods stockpiled in here, a bin of paper memorabilia, tons of childhood trophies, a spare tv, and you don't even get to hear about what's in the closet!

I swear I don't like to hoard items and really only keep items that are important to us, but this room needs some serious work and decluttering in the next year.

I love Tim's Gronk picture and I'm so glad I've inherited it by moving in with him :)

Just some random decor on the nightstand...and onto the next room!

Our bathroom is super small and simple. It could definitely use some more organization because we've been just adding products to it throughout the past year.

Nothing really new in the bathroom! (It's not the most exciting room in any house I don't think)

We have our "middle room" which we use as an office and to store some kitchen supplies.

My desk area is really unorganized right now. I kind of unloaded everything into the desk when we moved in and honestly haven't touched most of it since. I really should I go through all my desk supplies and donate what I'm not using. There are probably a ton of things I could toss at this point as well.

On the right hand side of my desk is my Alex 9 Drawer Unit from Ikea where I keep all my makeup and most of my beauty products. There is still plenty of decluttering that could happen in there.

On the left hand side of my desk is my jewelry armoire which could also be decluttered quite a bit. I know I have plenty of things in there that I don't need or want anymore. My list of areas to declutter keeps getting longer and longer!

I have my Target cabinet filled with extra kitchen supplies we don't have room for in our kitchen as well as our recycling area.  We go to our local transfer center every Saturday to drop off our weekly recycling since our apartment only has a dumpster and no recycling program.

I love my Martha Stewart file organizer. I like having a TO DO section where I can put items that I need to take action on and a TO FILE section for papers that need to be filed into my file drawer.

The next room is our kitchen....

We have a small galley kitchen and often dream of having a bigger kitchen in the future. We still have all the same appliances as last year but have upgraded our rug to one from Kohls and picked up a new nicer trash can at Target.

It may not be the prettiest, biggest, or nicest kitchen but it works for now!

I think my favorite room and the one we certainly spend the most time in is our living room.

We have updated from a candy bowl on our table to a simple teal tray with a candle and a few decor items.

Our gallery wall has been added to since we first moved in and is my favorite project.

That's it! Our cute little apartment :)

We are loving it here but are also dreaming of owning our own home and have started looking at houses and property. We plan on hopefully purchasing so we can move out next May/June but we will see what happens!

Thanks for coming on the tour!